Lister signs deal for the development of Koffiefabriek (Coffee Factory) Amsterdam

27 oktober 2021

OOn October 26, Lister Buildings signed the agreement for the development of the Koffiefabriek in Amsterdam at the PROVADA real estate fair. The new development will be realised on a plot along the Duivendrechtsevaart, near the newly developed Amstelkwartier. The agreement was signed by Stefan van den Brink, CEO of Lister, and Dries Drogendijk of the Municipality of Amsterdam. The innovative design brings together 70 homes and approximately 800 m² of facilities. A mixed residential programme, collective gardens, catering and traditional business spaces are a driver for the further transformation of the former industrial area.

Low CO2 footprint and flexible layout

The wooden building material of the building is in line with the Green Deal of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA), in which it has been agreed that by 2025, 20% of the materials used in housing production in the region will consist of wood. Circularity and biobased building are the primary pillars of the concept. The building will consist of prefabricated wooden elements with the lowest possible CO2 footprint, which will be assembled on site. The elements are made in Lister’s own production facility. The system can be taken apart and reused in the future, thanks to the dry connections in the construction. The main supporting structure of the building can be flexibly divided and has a long lifespan. The flexible floor plans allow residents to choose their own apartment layout. This flexibility also makes it possible to change the function or the housing type in the future.


Stefan van den Brink, CEO Lister Buildings: ““This is a real milestone in the development of Lister. We are proud to have won such a high-profile tender with the team and our partners. It is an important step forward for our organization, but even more so for circular construction in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and in the Netherlands.”

Tender team

  • Lister Buildings
  • U.Minds, ontwikkeling en tendermanagement
  • MEESVISSER, architect
  • BOOM Landscape, buitenruimte, ecologie
  • COMaker, plint en maakindustrie
  • Level Acoustics, Geluid
  • WoldendorpWildervank, sociale veiligheid
  • Alba Concepts, MAT8/MPG
  • Pieters Bouwtechniek Delft, constructeur
  • Smit Groenadvies, realisatie
  • Spark, parkeeradvies