Brainport Smart District, Helmond

  • Helmond
  • Elderly
  • (Care) homes
  • Research phase
  • Helmpn Municipality

Futureproof living in a smart urban district

In the Dutch city of Helmond, the world’s smartest neighbourhood is being developed. Brainport Smart District (BSD) will make use of the latest health, data, mobility, energy and circularity technologies. The goal is to create a sustainable, high-quality residential environment.

Small-scale residential care: an alternative to a nursing home

As part of this forward-looking project, the municipality of Helmond and Lister Buildings are exploring the possibility of developing a residential care centre that would serve different groups. It would include future-oriented residences with common areas as well as homes designed for people with more intensive care needs. This group of small residential projects would serve as an alternative to a large nursing home.