Timber multifamily apartment buildings

High tech, low footprint

Timber multifamily apartment buildings
innovative technology

Prefabricated, mass timber buildings

Together with a network of partners and experts, Lister has developed a unique, scalable, timber construction technology. This kit-of-parts building system is combined with a digital value chain process that integrates design, production, technical management and future disassembly and/or re-assembly.

innovative technology

Unique solutions to real challenges

  • Housing production

    Lister creates multifamily apartment buildings, that can be combined with ground-floor amenities and commercial spaces, for dense urban areas. Lister stimulates community living, creating healthy and affordable environments for various target groups.

  • Productivity & construction

    Lister’s kit-of-parts, dry-mounted building system can be prefabricated in offsite facilities, from where it can be easily transported to site for rapid assembly. This allows for scalability and higher productivity through standardization and automation.

  • Lifecycle costs

    Lister designs for disassembly and only uses dry-mounted, lightweight materials. This increases separability and potential reuse of building components. Open structures enable future layout adaptation to meet the constantly changing future needs.

  • Environmental impact

    Lister aims to become a market leader for sustainable, circular buildings that benefit people and planet. Stored and avoided CO2 of timber buildings can help mitigating climate change, and benefit from higher long-term IRR and potential future carbon credits.

  • Planning & budget

    Full control of the real estate value chain enables Lister to prevent miscommunication and information leakages to third parties. Using the latest technologies, Lister minimizes failure costs and improves planning and budget predictability.

  • Continuous improvement

    Gathering building and user data allows Lister to learn from building operating performance. Lessons learned can be used to enhance future building design and performance, in order to gain and maintain a leading position in delivering the highest quality apartment buildings.

The Lister building system

Smart construction, flexible solution

  • 100% prefabricated
    Lister aims to deliver a fully prefabricated building system, consisting of completely drymounted 2D and 3D elements to a building site.
  • Smart production
    The offsite produced 3D smart module contains most intelligent building parts, from kitchens and bathrooms to climate control and other installations.
  • Flexible and adaptable
    All interior walls and applications are designed for disassembly and once required they can be easily dismounted to cater for future needs.
  • Biobased materials
    Lister aims to maximize the use of biobased materials. The New Makers delivers 100% bio-based and circular kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Circular design
    Most of our building components are designed for reuse. If reuse is not feasible, components can live another live through recycling.
  • 23.5 ton CO2 stored
    25 cubic meters timber used in apartment of 100 m². This equals roughly 23.5 tons of CO2 stored carbon in each residential unit.
Lister Platform
Lister Platform

Value chain integration

The Lister building system is created in the digital Lister Platform. Working from one platform with all stakeholders enables seamless information transfers creating higher productivity and less failure costs. Repeating this process creates iterative value chain optimizations.
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