Next step for residential care complex in Gennep

20 januari 2022

Lister Buildings is developing a new location for Het Andere Wonen in Milsbeek. The zoning plan for the project and its surroundings has become irrevocable this week. The plan consists of housing with tailor-made care, where vulnerable elderly people can live independently for as long as possible.  The project will be the first circular residential building of the municipality of Gennep, and will be built with prefabricated wooden elements.

Residential care complex for residents with dementia

The circular, residential building, located in Milsbeek, is aimed at residents with dementia. It consists of ten social and eight medium-priced rental homes, a communal living room and a home for the care provider. This endorses the concept of Het Andere Wonen, which aims for people to grow old together. In the project, special attention is paid to shared outdoor space: a central, experience-oriented courtyard ensures that residents can meet each other in a green environment. The green design is designed by MOSS.

CEO Stefan van den Brink: “With this development, we give substance to Lister Buildings’ ambition to develop residential buildings that have a positive impact on people and the planet. Together with the municipality of Gennep and Het Andere Wonen, we contribute to the need for housing for the elderly.”

First circular homes of the municipality of Gennep

The project in Milsbeek will be the first circular, biobased residential building of the municipality of Gennep. The houses are built from prefabricated wooden elements with the lowest possible CO2 footprint. The elements are made in Lister’s own production facility and then assembled on site. Thanks to the dry joints in the construction, the system can be disassembled in the future without losing the value of the elements.