The solution to budget and planning overruns
Lister platform

The solution to budget and planning overruns

Lister has a standardized process with long-term partners working together in one, cloud-based, common data environment: from development and design to production and management. Working from one digital platform with all stakeholders enables seamless information handovers, creating higher productivity and less failure costs. Repeating this process creates iterative value chain optimizations.

Lister partners
Prefabricated construction

Improved productivity, predictability and construction speed

  • Faster

    Industrialized construction can lead to a significantly reduced construction time, especially onsite. Lister estimates a reduction of 30-50%, compared to a traditional construction.

  • Safer

    With less work left on the actual construction site, a high degree of prefabrication results in a safer and cleaner workspace, with less nuisance for site neighbors.

  • More control

    Lister has its own production facility in Weert. Working in a conditioned facility enables Lister to manage a large part of the construction phase better.

  • Higher quality

    Working with dry-mounted components and light weight timber elements enables Lister to improve logistics, including fast assembly, without losing quality.

  • Improved predictability

    With more standardization and repetition, the amount of construction errors will decrease, subsequently increasing the quality and its predictability.

  • More responsible

    Lister has received the STIP certificate, which means that only responsibly produced wood is used.

Asset lifecycle management

The solution for ongoing improvement

Active monitoring during the user phase and analysis of technical data leads to better building designs. In combination with predictive management this will lead to higher predictability as well as a reduction of lifecycle costs.

    Lister product
    Lister product

    Prefabricated, mass timber buildings

    Together with a network of partners and experts, Lister has developed a unique, scalable, timber construction technology. This kit-of-parts building system is combined with a digital value chain process that integrates design, production, technical management and future disassembly and/or re-assembly.
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